One of important elements in your kitchen is a faucet. Without a faucet, your activity there will be tiring and not comfortable, even it’s impossible. But, because you use it every day, it can be broken someday. Changing it is what you have to do there. By knowing how to replace kitchen faucet, you will not need to ask other’s helps. You can do that by yourself.

How to replace kitchen faucet? Here is what you should do.

  1. First, you need to prepare the key pipe, pipe insulation, and of course the new faucet.
  2. Secondly, you need to turn off the water flow to cover the stop tap or turn off the water pump. Open the water tap to empty the water in the pipes. If necessary, remove the goose neck faucet sink. The trick, loosen the locking bolt goose neck using a key pipeline. Adjust the size of the stopcock clockwise. When the bolt is loose, remove by hand. Remove the goose neck of the holder by pulling them.
  3. Then, putthe keyinthe tap. Turn the keycounter-clockwise. Once thefaucetis loose, turn upthe faucetapartby hand.
  4. Preparea new faucet. Customize the shapeandsize withthetapfunction. If youhave agooseneck, remove parts of itin order not tointerfere.
  5. Put theisolationinthreadedfaucetatthe base of thefaucet. Direction ofthe rollshould beclockwise. Insulatingpipes topreventwater seepagefromcracksdrat, in additiontohelpingsteertowardsthe tapholeproperly.
  6. Last, attach thefaucetto thewater pipe. Turn clockwise. Tighten thelockput onthe pipe. Whiletightening, taking into accountthe direction ofthe water hole.
  7. Now, check you work. Go back to the stop tap or turn on the water pump. Observe employment new faucet. If water is flowing smoothly, you can use the new faucet.

Those are the ways how to replace kitchen faucet. Know them well and do when you have to change your faucet.

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