55 Wonderful Bedroom Designs with Faux Painting

Looking for a unique finish? Perfect your wonderful bedroom with faux painting. Find every corner of your room with an original art piece. Lay your body on your bed and grab your imagination hanging with your original art brushing on your wall.

To get you wonderful bedroom with faux painting, you should try to make your base colour as perfect as you can. You can use some metallic and tints to help you enhance the room. Your room seems to get more challenge since it has the flat paint on the wall. It may be better to start your base with an egg shell or satin sheen coat. But don’t worry if your base coat finally has a flat brush. If your room is mostly finished with your own base coat, kindly roll the base coat with the clear before rolled with tinted glaze. You may note that you need more minutes to apply clear coat before the colour dries.

When you stepped this brushing, you need to explore the original art of your mind. Everyone can do this with their own ways. To get this perfect, a plastic bag is all you need. Before you start, ensure yourself you turn the bag upside down or you could wind up with the ink spark from the ink in the bag on you wall. Then, it is your turn to go around blotting the tinted glaze while it is wet. This will create a marble effect on your wall; glaze rounded sparks on your wall.

You can make your room with one theme of this texture or you may combine with other style, depends on your creativity.  You can use your original ordered textured or texture-unstructured. It seems easier to choose the second one, but it needs more creative imagination to combine all sides of the corners to be wonderful art view. Your room need to be challenged with different original creative texture. It is your turn to get your wonderful bedroom with faux painting.

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