15 Amazing Black and White Bathroom Designs

Get sweat of exercise? Or you feel hot after doing activity outside? Getting a fresh body is what you should do then. Get your spirit back to continue your activity. But, making you fresh is not enough; you need to create a comfortable bathroom where you will enjoy being there. In creating a cozy bathroom, there are some themes that you can apply there. One of them is by having black and white bathroom. It can be a cool bathroom of yours, too.

Let’s design your black and white bathroom from the background of the bathroom. The combination of black and white is really modern and cool. You can use black and white through the wall simultaneously. You can paint the upper walls with black. It will be combined with white ceiling. While the bottom walls can be colored with white. Lose the monotonous sense of black and white by installing pattern grey or black flooring.

Then, don’t forget to build glass windows where the sunlight can lighten your bathroom at noon. Use white sash or window frames to keep the harmony of black and white. When you feel a bit tired, lying down on white bathtub will be a good choice. Choose bathtub with black unique legs. It will be chic. Next to the bathtub, you may place a white toilet. On the other side, your activity of washing hands or face could be done through double white sinks.

By applying double sinks, you are able to keep your togetherness with your lovely one. Complete the sinks with mirrors over them. Make them more interesting by adding wall lamps. If you want to present the natural nuance of your bathroom, you can add green plant vases between the mirrors. Next, don’t let the black wall empty. There can used to show your ability to move your canvas. Adding red doormats is a right way to keep the cleanness of your bathroom.

Last, your black and white bathroom will be more amazing by hanging a glass decorative chandelier. It is really luxurious. Surround it with ceiling lamps to help the lighting there. Finally, refresh your body in the most amazing bathroom and return your energy to go on your great role.

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